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. Bonsai root pruning is the one task, above all others, that can cause the death of your tree very quickly. In this article i will discuss the mechanics and timing of root pruning for bonsai.

Graham S Guide To Repotting Bonsai
Graham S Guide To Repotting Bonsai from

Table of contentsroot pruningchecking the rootballroot pruning techniquerepotting a bonsairepotting the specimensoil mixtures for bonsai after a few years. From every root that is trimmed, a number of new roots will emerge from the. Root pruning eases the stress of a tree being transplanted, by allowing the tree to grown new root pruning is the process of slicing through the roots at the drip line of an establish ed tree that is going.

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Get liquid miracle gro, use a little every other time pruning bonsai this is a good video on pruning bonsai, i liked the detail. Look up how to 'root prune a bonsai' on the internet first. Heavy duty bonsai shears for cutting thick roots and heavy twigs. Creating a small bonsai tree takes years of root pruning and proper growth techniques.

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