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. Hornbeam (carpinus) and beech (fagus) are two genera of deciduous trees which look quite similar but are not related. This tree tolerates pruning very well.

Korean Hornbeam Bonsai Mirai
Korean Hornbeam Bonsai Mirai from

Korean hornbeam bonsai tree (carpinus turczaninowii). Trident maples, hornbeams, elm bonsai and azaleas, field grown trident maples, field grown stewartia monadelphia. User flair is required for all new posts, and strongly preferred for everyone else.

Bright green foliage turning clear yellow in autumn.

Korean hornbeam bonsai 25 seeds *carpinus turczaninowii*. Today (12/13/19) i decided it needed to go into a bonsai pot for 2020. Wire used for initial branch placement. Collected from essex woodland this old hornbeam has had two seasons in a growing box.

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