45+ Jacqueline Hillier Elm Bonsai Background

45+ Jacqueline Hillier Elm Bonsai
. The basic story was that due to the original owners declining health his collection got somewhat. Hi folks, i got this jacqueline hillier elm (jhe) a few years ago and repotted it (spring 2010) into a much larger pot hoping to reinvigorate it.

Elm Tree Twinsrat Bonsai
Elm Tree Twinsrat Bonsai from twinsratbonsai.files.wordpress.com

The stand is not included. Well, it´s a sin from my bonsai youth :). Its has small, dainty, finely toothed green leaves which are perfect miniatures of their larger varieties.

It was cloned from a specimen found in a private garden in selly park, birmingham, england, in 1966.

Ulmus hollandica 'jacqueline hillier' höjd: Yılların üretim tecrübesiyle sürekli yenilenen tasarımların hayat bulduğu jacquline ile her zaman trend ve sıra dışı olmanın keyfini çıkart.güvenli alışveriş,kapıda ödeme. Very trainable and popular for bonsai as young trees look mature from an early age. This bonsai tree is one of the most popular bonsai trees!

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